Gearbox Selection

For an appropriate reducer selection ,you should thoroughly aware of the characteristic
Features of the machine to be propelled.
For the selection of an appropriate reducer for your
System , you follow the bellow list;

a) Define the service factor (fs) depending on the daily operation period, start numbers in an
hour, and the type of the load to be applied.
b) Define the M2 value which is necessary for your machine and will be the reducer output moment.
c) Define the need of cycles for your machine. This value will be the output cycle of the reducer (n2).
Define the need of power for your machine. This value will be the output power of the reducer (P2).
P2 = --------
By the endless type reducers, choose the reducers for which the service factor values are bigger than the ones you found, from the power-cycles table. Because the productivity by the helical gear reducers is very high, you should take the powervalue that you had calculated as the input power and choose the reducer from the power-cycle tables again.

1. Type of the machine ; Conveyor with steel bel
2. The necessary moment for the machine ;
The calculated moment for the machine M2=520 Nm
3. The necessary cycle for the machine N2=50 cycles/minute
4. Daily working period: T= 8 hours
5. Start number in an hour: K= 10
6. Type of connection: Chain gear

The type of the load is found as M from the Load Classification Table.
The service factor equivalent for a daily working period of 8 hours, start number in an hour 10 and type of load M from th service factor table.
The need of power for your machine:
M2.n2 52Q50
P2=----- = ----- =2.72kW
9550 9550

The reucer is selected from the power-cycle table in accordance with the calculated service factor, the necessary power and cycles. You should provide that the table values are equal to The calculated values or bigger.

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